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As a REALTOR® at Finding 43 Real Estate, located in the Boise area, who loves connecting with new people each day, Tony Greising-Murschel is ready to help you.

Thrive In Boise is a real estate team that is familiar with the local area and neighborhoods and is always staying up to date with the newest real estate news and trends.

Tony Kayaking in Cascade Idaho

Meet Thrive In Boise Real Estate Team

Tony Greising-Murschel


Licensed Real Estate Agent

Tony helps buyers find their dream home and homeowners sell for more in the Boise, Idaho area. Tony is the real estate agent behind Thrive In Boise, supporting the Treasure Valley area. 

Prior to becoming a Realtor®, Tony served in a number of roles. Tony co-owns a successful travel blog and online media company with his wife Jill, where they help others who are interested in traveling with their children. Tony has also worked remotely as a software engineer while traveling full time with his wife and four children for over 3 years creating lasting memories together.

Tony’s worldly experience gives him a competitive edge in the business. He has a unique blend of skills, knowledge, creativity, professional relationships and experiences that sets him apart in the industry.

He has built his reputation on providing the highest standard of integrity and work while delivering exceptional results.

Tony lives in Meridian, Idaho with his wife and four children. He enjoys working out with his friends, RVing, camping, hiking, and exploring downtown Boise. 

Jill Greising-Murschel


Jill helps run Thrive In Boise’s website and assists in many of the behind the scene tasks for Thrive In Boise. Jill is not only exceptionally task oriented and works well online, she’s also Tony’s wife and co-owner of the online media company and travel blog Let’s Travel Family.