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Located only a few miles northwest from downtown Boise, the Collister Neighborhood is, simply put, in the middle of everywhere. This thriving community and family-focused neighborhood nestled at the base of the Boise foothills offers a wide variety of amenities for people from all walks of life. 

Whether you are looking for a community to raise your children or a place to retire, Collister has what you need. Most days you will see people riding their bikes, taking walks, working in the yard or playing with their kids in large yards with mature trees.

Work and recreational activities are only a short distance away from Collister Neighborhood. Much like the East Boise neighborhoods offer, Collister offers a short commute to downtown Boise. Whether you’re looking to go biking along the Green Belt adjacent to the beautiful Boise River, wanting to go hiking in the mountains, have a fun day with the kids, or driving to work, it’s all a short commute away. 

Background Of The Collister Neighborhood

A sense of community, friendliness and history has been the central pillars of the Collister Neighborhood in Boise since the days of horse and wagon. Early settlers of the area used a route called Goodale’s Cutoff, which ran directly through Collister, as a more direct and safer route west. 

Dr. Collister, whom the neighborhood was named after, set the bar for friendliness and hospitality high when he moved to the area in 1881. He used his own home as a train station and charged only 5 cents as a fare. 

Part of Dr. Collister’s land would later be donated in order to build Collister Elementary School in 1912. After his death, his property would go on to be used as a farm to aid the effort during WWII, as well as a location to build extra houses on subdivided land. His house would serve as a hospital to help those stricken with polio, a rehabilitation service for veterans and ultimately Sunset Nursing Hospital. In 1967 his house would be torn down, and on that site a hospital would be built, which stands today.

If you are a lover of history, there are several historical sites for you to enjoy in the Collister Neighborhood:

  • The Poor Farm- Contracted Dr. Collister to aid the poor and provide shelter
  • James Castle House- A local artist whose work has gained traction in recent years
  • Home of Dr. Whitehead- Idaho’s first licensed pharmacist and owner of Whitehead Pharmacy

Locals Love The Collister Neighborhood In Boise

Within the Collister Neighborhood of Boise there is no lack of things to do, and there are always ways to get involved in the community. 

The Local Boise in Collister Neighborhood

Local Favorite Eats & Activities

If you are hungry, Collister has a wide range of options mostly along the south and south east ends of the neighborhood. 

The Local Spanish Cuisine
The Local
New Garden Chinese  
Capitol Bar
That French Lady cupcakes 
Candy Bouquet
Boise Juice Co.

Collister also offers a wide range of entertainment and fun for you and the family. Fly Boise and Treasure Valley Skate is a perfect getaway within walking distance and fun for the whole family.

Treasure Valley Skate_

Game Changer Improv offers family friendly comedy every month, but you can also book shows for yourself to view with family, friends and colleagues.

Jewelers and beauty specialists will be at your disposal in Collister, Boise. Sun Valley Skin Center, Changes Hair Design and David Rudzinski all offer services and wares to fit whatever look you’re looking for. 

MGM camp offers gun courses for any interested parties, and The Art School teaches kids to express themselves with classes about all different kinds and styles of art. 

Library! Collister features over 20,000 options of books, dvds, video games and audiobooks for you to discover. Perfect for a good read at home or sitting down at the park and listening to your favorite audiobook.

Outdoor Collister Boise Activities

Polecat Hike or Mountain Bike Collister Boise

Collister is home to some wonderful hiking trails. The Polecat Loop, Quickdraw, Doe Ridge and Cartwright Trailhead are the most popular and easy to access nearby. These trails are often frequented by local mountain bikers and hikers. Hiking just outside your backdoor is one of the pros of living in Boise, Idaho.

Wildlife on Hikes in Boise

The wonderful parks across the Neighborhood also offer beautiful scenery to enjoy time in the area. Castle Hill Park is located to the west of Collister and south of Hill Road. It’s adjacent to Pierce Park Greens Golf Course, a beautiful 9-hole golf course that has won multiple awards, including “Ping Club Fitter of the Year”. You will find any number of recreational activities and events happening at this 7.2 acre park, and a playground for kids and courts like basketball and tennis for recreation and competition. 

Catalpa Park Collister Neighborhood Boise Idaho

Right next to Collister Elementary School is Catalpa Park. If Collister is hosting an event in the park, it will most always be at Catalpa. It also includes a large range of courts for people to enjoy different sports. Owens Park is a beautiful place to go if you need to relax and enjoy a picnic under the trees.

What About School in Collister Boise?

Pierce Park Elementary Collister Boise

Education is important, and Collister reflects this with 2 public schools and 2 private schools available for kids. Collister Elementary and Synthia Mann Elementary are public schools that take pride in teaching kids and preparing them to reach their full potential. 

Challenger and Hillside Academy are private schools that teach students to not only do well in academics, but go above and beyond to help them succeed in life. Challenger Academy has students in every class across the board within the top 10th percentile for standardized testing out of every school in the nation, and top 15th for all private schools in the nation.

Homes for Sale Collister Boise Real Estate

Homes For Sale Collister Boise

Considering moving to Collister Boise? There’s a wide variety of homes for sale in Collister, from a price range of 430k to 1.05 million. Many houses feature 2 stories and multiple beds and baths to furnish a lifestyle fit for you and your kids, with space for up to 5 cars and a large backyard for spending time with friends or doing yard work. 

Many properties in the established Collister Neighborhood are even large enough for some livestock. In the beautiful, tree filled neighborhood with so much culture and friendliness, Collister is the perfect neighborhood to buy a home and raise your family. 

Collister At A Glance

Median Home Price: $560,800 (Summer 2022)
Average Rent in Collister: $1,900

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