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Nestled in the roots of the Boise foothills, East Boise is a well sought after place to live. People who enjoy mature trees and easy access to the mountains ,with the luxury of everything Downtown Boise has to offer right next door, thrive in East Boise.

Following Warm Springs Mesa and enjoying a hike up to Table Rock, you’ll find that Boise’s East End goes all the way to Harris Ranch and the Idaho Shakespeare Festival Park. The East end is located North of the Boise River, whereas the popular Southeast Boise neighborhoods are south of the river.

East Boise has easy access to things like the Boise River and the Greenbelt, hiking trails, parks, and to Bogus Basin for an afternoon of downhill skiing.

Neighborhoods in East Boise

Homes in Boise

East Boise has dozens of different neighborhoods to choose from. Some of the neighborhoods that are within a short drive from different attractions include:

  • Warm Springs Mesa – Less than a 15 minute drive from Downtown Boise, Warm Springs Mesa Boise is a well sought after beautiful neighborhood with a view of downtown Boise. It offers a peaceful and community oriented life with a family feel.
  • Harris Ranch – With nearby attractions such as Warm Springs Golf Course, a couple of pools and the Greenbelt, Harris Ranch Boise is an up and coming community with new people moving in all the time and several homes for sale.
  • Barbar Valley – Only a couple blocks from the Greenbelt and north of the Boise River, Barbar Valley offers another option of living among the Boise foothills. 

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Hiking In East Boise

The first thing you’ll notice about East Boise is how much of it is in the Boise foothills. It’s an amazing area to live for people wanting easy access to hiking trails while being just a short drive to downtown Boise. 

Some popular hiking trails in East Boise start out at the Old Penitentiary. The Old Penitentiary Trail or Shane’s Trail offer breathtaking views of Boise from a quiet tree laden trail. 

Table Rock Trail Hike

The popular Table Rock trail is about 3.7 miles and is also part of East Boise, and the Old Pen Trail takes you right there. From Table Rock you will be able to get a picturesque view of Boise that is sure to make you fall in love.

Visit The Old Idaho State Penitentiary 

Lovers of history can enjoy a number of different things in Boise East End Historic District. The Old Idaho State Penitentiary is a big history attraction in Boise. Built in 1870 and operating until 1973, the Old Idaho State Pen is open to self and guided tours with tons of history to learn. 

Nearby is the Idaho State Historical Society as well as the History Center and State archives. You can also learn about Idaho’s mining history and what lay in Idaho’s ground right next door to the Pen at the Idaho Museum of Mining and Geology.

Enjoy the Greenbelt

You will see many people enjoying a bike ride, a good run with their dog or friends, or floating down the Boise River all along the Greenbelt. The Greenbelt cuts off from the Boise River for a bit and goes further up into the hills, providing a more challenging experience for more seasoned bikers and beginners alike.

From there the Greenbelt will take you into several residential areas, providing easy access for people living in East Boise. It would also give you easier access to things like Kristen Armstrong Municipal Park and Warm Springs Golf Course.

Enjoy the Beauty in East Boise

Boise Warm Springs

Several hiking trails in the upper East Boise Hills offer scenic walks for hikers of all skill levels. Trails like 5-mile Gulch, Shane’s Trail, and several trails on The Military Reserve will give you the opportunity to get to know the outskirts of Boise and have a better feel for the place you call home. These trails are also popular for mountain bikers and dog walkers. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the outdoors in Boise. 

Idaho Shakespeare Festival park is located in East Boise offering a beautiful outdoor venue for plays offered to the public. Book tickets far in advance for summer showings, or arrive with the intent to enjoy a picnic dinner and listen to the free live music in the park before most plays. 

Schools In The Boise East End

There are a wide range of schools to choose from that are very close to where you might live in East Boise. For younger children there are options like Adams and Roosevelt Elementary to provide quality education without having to go out of the way. East Junior High School provides further education for children. 

Riverstone International School is a K-12 private school that enrolls over 400 students from over 45 different countries. Ranked in the top 4% of private schools in the US, Riverstone is a school where each and every student is given the best education possible. 

Food Options in East Boise

There are several restaurants to choose from in East Boise.The Boise Coop, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods Market are nearby for your grocery needs. Yet, sometimes you have to get out and enjoy a meal from your favorite local restaurant, which include:

  • Lost Shack – An combo of a Sushi bar and taproom in Harris Ranch
  • The Switchback – A food truck in Harris Ranch serving all American food such as hot dogs and hamburgers
  • Ram Restaurant and Brewery – Right on the west edge of East Boise, Ram Restaurant and Brewery serves a wide range of comfort food and beers to satisfy any appetite 
  • Deli George – Serving a number of sandwiches and salads, Deli George is a sure spot to check out for quality and fresh meals
  • Extreme Pizza – No food list would be complete in Boise with pizza. Extreme Pizza crafts handmade pizzas with fresh ingredients so you know exactly how quality pizza should taste
Neighborhoods in East Boise Idaho

Homes For Sale in East Boise

There are several homes for sale in East Boise. With the Warm Springs Mesa and Harris Ranch area you are looking at suburban lifestyle with prices ranging from 500k to 4.5 million. These homes feature 1 to 2 stories and decently sized yards with mature trees. Depending on where you want your home to be, a few homes that are featured on up in the Boise Hills, overlooking the city. These homes offer beautiful architecture, are large and multistory, and would have big yards. East Boise is a well-sought after area of the Treasure Valley to live in. 

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