Life In Southeast Boise

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Southeast Boise is a beautiful and thriving neighborhood with an amazing array of things to do, places to eat, and spots to just relax. With beautiful mature trees, only a short drive to take the boat out onto Lucky’s Peak, or a day floating down the Boise River, you’ll find Southeast Boise to be a very popular place for people to want to live. 

It’s home to over 40 friendly neighborhoods that are rich in culture and community. If you’re looking for a splitting image of peaceful and family-oriented living in Boise Idaho, look no further than Southeast Boise

One of the first things you’ll notice about Southeast Boise is that the Boise River is almost the entirety of the north border, which means a few things. One is that you will have front row access to things like fishing and tubing down the river during the summer. Secondly, the Greenbelt is right at your disposal at a moment’s notice. 

Float The Boise River Things To Do In Boise with Kids in Idaho
Floating The Boise River

Many Boise residents love the paved Greenbelt path along the river for how far it travels around Boise and use it to go running or biking or walking with their dogs.

From Southeast Boise you will have easy access to many of Boise’s favorite spots. It’s within a 15 minute drive to Downtown Boise, depending on where you live. 

Boise River Greenbelt for biking and hiking
Greenbelt in Boise, Idaho

The Boise Airport is about a 10 minute drive for all your traveling needs and for picking up friends and family who come to visit you. 

Boise’s many hiking and mountain biking trails are within a 5-20 minute drive from Southeast Boise. It just depends on which one you would want to go to, and how challenging you want it to be.

Things To Do In Southeast Boise

SE Boise is bursting at the seams with things to do. Along South Broadway and East Parkcenter Blvd is where you will find the most to do, with many bars, restaurants, coffee shops and more. Bown Crossings has some great locally owned options as well. A few of the favorite restaurants in SE Boise are:

  • The Griddle
  • La Tapatia
  • Suds Tavern
  • Barbacoa 
  • Jalapenos Bar and Grill
Barbacoa Boise

You’ll also find many pizza places to choose from. There’s well over a dozen pizza places in Southeast Boise alone, with local favorites such as Flying Pie Pizzeria, Idaho Pizza Company and Pie Hole. There are also many national chains to enjoy such as Dominoes and Little Caesars. 

Floating the Boise River is a very popular summer activity and it begins right in Barbar Park. Families, college students at BSU, and tourists can be found parking at Ann Morrison Park and taking the $3 shuttle bus to Barbar Park in Southeast Boise to rent a tube and float the river back to Ann Morrison Park. 

Enjoy a trip to the Boise City Library or Library! At Bown Crossing. Reading is a good way to enjoy the world without going anywhere. It also helps our brains immensely and can reduce stress by quite a bit. The Library is a very good place to go when you want to enjoy peace but still want to get out and do something.

Keeping In Shape In Southeast Boise

Table Rock Trail Hike
Table Rock Hike, Boise

One of the pros of living in Boise, Idaho is having access to so many healthy lifestyle options. From outdoor hiking trails and downhill skiing to joining a local gym. Southeast Boise has it all.

There are several gyms to workout in Southeast Boise. Axiom Fitness and Arbor Crossfit are a couple of places. Southeast Boise also offers Fort Boise Skatepark, where people can go to practice their boarding or bike skills. Simplot Sports Complex in the middle of Columbia Village Sports Park has facilities for baseball and soccer and can be used for games. 

SE Boise is home to numerous beautiful parks where you can find people sitting in the shade, going to events, reading, spending time with friends or hanging out in the magnificence of Boise’s nature. Parks like Barber Park and Ivywild Park are large and have a lot of open space for people to get a game going or multiple events to go on at once. Smaller parks like Cypress are more for smaller events and a more quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

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Schools in Southeast Boise

The numerous K-12 schools in Southeast Boise ensure that children will get a quality education, and parents will have more options on where to send their child. Southeast Boise has a few different public and private schools to choose from. Private schools include Sage International School, which puts academic achievement above all else to students K-12. Public schools include Riverside Elementary and Timberline High School.

Boise State University is also right inside SE Boise or often thought to be part of the Boise Bench Neighborhood. Boise State has been named one of the top 50 schools in innovation and has been providing students the means to get ahead since 1932. The 2020-2021 school year saw over 24 thousand students enrolled, with over 8 thousand students coming from out of state. 

With 94 bachelor’s degrees and 67 master’s degrees offered, Boise State University offers something for everyone, not to mention the campus is simply beautiful as well. Many students qualify for financial aid and scholarships so money can be less or a worry and students can focus more on academics.

Southeast Boise Homes for Sale

Life In Southeast Boise Idaho
View of Southeast Boise From Table Rock

The homes available in Southeast Boise range in price from 398k to 2.9 million and have a wide variety of layouts. Since some homes are in the city and others are further out in developing areas, many of the houses in the city will have smaller yards and may only be one story while the ones further out will have larger yards and will have more than one story. 

The many homes within the city will give ease of access to places of work and school, and any school activities the kids would have. It also puts you closer to Downtown Boise, the Boise River and the Greenbelt. 

Many of the houses further out of the city may provide a more peaceful and community lifestyle for those interested. It will also make it easier to get to places you may want to go for hiking or mountain biking among the foothills. It would provide a quieter and more community friendly approach, especially for raising a family. These houses would put you further away from the hustle and bustle of inner city life but would only put you about a 10-20 minute drive away from Downtown Boise and everything it offers.

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